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"iim so proud of myself-instead of using the betaseron auto injecter-i injected myself without it-its alot gentler!!"

i know i havent written in a very long time and i apologize for that..ive had alot happen in my life andy for one..the "oh so suppotive one" dumped me again!!! this time was the last time it was on valentines day in a txt on my phone..i was a mess over it but im fine now...

i have some great news!! instead of using the auto injecter thingy with my betaseron i actually out of the blue decided to try to inject myself without it..ive never been able to do just stab myself with the needle an see it go in..NO WAY!! BUT...I DID IT!!! i was tired of how the injecter was so rough when i do it myself

its alot gentler!!

ive done it 3 times my tummy twice..and today finally my thigh!!

im so proud of myself and had to scream it from the rooftops!

i hope all the angels are doing well..sweet wishes and prayers for everyone :-)